I'm Getter, a

React Native developer, who is excited about design & TypeScript

My Skills

Entrepreneurial and driven mobile & web developer

Years of traveling around the world and living in different cities around Asia, Europe and North America has given me the ability to quickly adjust to new situations and learn on the go. I enjoy working with people that are passionate, curious and creative (with a sense of humor) just like me. I am open for positions where I can make an impact, including founding/leading roles.

Mobile development

I have extensive knowledge as a Sr. React Native Developer of the entire iOS and Android ecosystems. From dealing in Native code, to each respective App Store submission and approval processes. I'm excited to write performant code pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Front-end development

At my core, I am a React fanatic. So makes sense I'd love Next.js as well. I've dabbled in Gatsby and of course vanilla React apps, but nothing beats the server-side rendering (SSR) and API routes that Next.js provides out-of-the-box. Add in Tailwind CSS and now we're really cooking!

Open Source

Passionate about Open Source projects and contributions

I'm looking to get more involved in the Open Source community in a big way. I've been working on open sourcing my own bigger projects including some smaller TypeScript / React / React Native libraries.

React Native

I've open sourced a fun personal project Getter.dev, an iOS and Android application built on React Native. Includes TypeScript, Lottie, Twilio Video (WebRTC), React Error Boundaries & React Navigation.

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Next.js Website

I've open sourced this website, a Next.js server-side rendered (SSR) React Application. Includes TypeScript, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind CSS and Google Web Fonts. The website is hosted on Vercel.

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About Me

Some things you might not know about me

Do you speak any other languages?

I speak four languages. English, Estonian, Japanese and Russian. I was born in Estonia, but lived in England when I was 5. I've also lived in Japan and took Japanese at University.

Where are you currently located?

I'm currently in Denver, though I have lived all over. Before Colorado, I was in California. Originally from Europe, I've lived in Tallinn and Barcelona. I've also spent years in Asia with the majority of time in Tokyo and Bali.

What do you do when you're not programming?

I love to rock climb! It helps me get into a flow state and get outside my own thoughts, otherwise I can't stop thinking about code (It's like the Matrix). I also love to ride an Electric bike all around the city, and recently been alpine skiing in the Rockies with our recent move to Colorado.

What would you be doing if you weren't a software engineer?

If I didn't have a strong desire to pursue a career in STEM, I probably would've become a ballerina. I danced since I was 3 years old and even went to a professional ballet school when I was young.